Bible Studies

UBC's  Bible studies are an ideal setting for true Christian fellowship, which is essential to Christian growth. Fellowship involves being together, learning together, praying together, holding each other accountable, and meeting one another’s needs. Most of these midweek gatherings are an extension of UBC's CONNECT Groups, which meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30am for Bible teaching, worship, and fellowship. 

  • Bible Based Praying

    Starting September 8th

    Bible Based Praying is a video series by Don Miller. The class will be taught/facilitated by Dr. Terry Samplaski our Worship Pastor. Please join us Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm for this class starting September 8th. To sign up for the class, click on the picture to the left.

  • ReAlign

    Starting September 8th

    The REALIGN Class is a revolutionary financial curriculum that is not simply about getting your finances in order by getting on a budget and getting out of debt, but about getting our relationships with God, ourselves and others back on track so that we can manage our money better for a greater impact! The power of this class is that God is brought into every financial decision as we learn to say yes to His plans instead of living for ourselves. 

    By attending the REALIGN Class and applying what is being taught, we believe that every single person will walk closer with God by allowing Him into their financial decisions, and they will have more peace and purpose in their day to day lives. 

    REALIGN is not a financial class centered around wealth-building . At it's core this class is about getting our minds and hearts aligned with God and managing our resources to see a great impact for God's Kingdom. 

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Wednesday online BIble Study

Pastor David Norman