Each Sunday at 10:30am, University Baptist Church gathers for worship. During this time, we praise the Lord through singing, approach the Lord together in prayer, and open God's Word to learn more about him and his will for our lives. 

We are a come-as-you-are kinda church. There is no dress code. Some men wear suits; some wear flip flops. Some ladies wear dresses; others wear pants. Wear whatever you're comfortable in and come worship with us. 

Our pastor uses the Christian Standard Bible (CSB and prefers to preach verse-by-verse through books of the Bible, so if you have a copy of God's Word at home, bring it and read from it. 

Our hope is that you're comfortable coming as you are, but also that you leave changed by what you see and hear. We are a church family. So you might notice friends hugging and greeting one another. You might notice us praying with and for one another. You might notice that we really believe what we say we believe. 

And we pray you come to believe it too. 

We hope you'll be our guest this Sunday at University Baptist Church. 

You can hear previous sermons here