The University Baptist Church WEE School is a Weekday Early Education preschool ministry that is an outreach to the community providing Christian education for children 6 months old through PreK4. WEE School, has been a ministry of University Baptist Church since 1980, providing a learning environment that helps preschoolers grow as Jesus grew.

Our goal is to provide the loving care and guidance that your child needs as he/she grows and develops.


We are licensed by the State of Texas for 100 children, but our teacher/child ratio is lower than required by State standards. The school has regular inspections from the Health Department, Fire Department, and State Licensing. Our school is located in the lower-level of the two-story Children's Building on the UBC campus. Our parents are always welcome to come by and visit. First time visitors can schedule an appointment with our Director, Michele Jones, who will be available to spend time with you to answer questions and give you a tour of the school. 

For more information, or to schedule an appointment for a tour of our school, please contact Michele Jones at weeschool@ubcsa.org at 210.699.1070.

The WEE School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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WEE School uses weekly letters and themes to teach the children about the world around them through a biblical perspective. We incorporate age-appropriate art activities, large and small motor skills, and biblical principles into these weekly themes. This curriculum provides children opportunities to explore the world while allowing them to develop at his/her own pace.  Special events are scheduled throughout the year coordinating with the weekly themes.

We keep our classroom ratios lower than minimum standards in order to be able to work with each child individually and allow them to grow and feel comfortable in our school. 


We have a weekly theme that allows time for interaction during Center Play. Special events are scheduled throughout the year coordinating with the weekly themes. During these special events, parent volunteers are needed to interact with the children and teachers.

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Phone: 210.699.1070 



    September - May (NISD Calendar)

    8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. (Monday - Friday)

    2022-2023 Calendar

    2022-2023 Parent Handbook


    Five Day Class (Mon through Fri) $520

    Four Day Class $455

    Three Day Class (Mon / Wed / Fri) $375

    Two Day Class (Tues / Thurs) $290

    2s-5s/MONTHLY TUITION FEES: 2022-2023

    Five Day Class (Mon through Fri) $500

    Four Day Class $440

    Three Day Class (Mon / Wed / Fri) $370

    Two Day Class (Tues / Thurs) $280

    There is a non-refundable Registration Fee of $200 per year.

    There is also a Supply Fee of $50 for Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4.



    We are licensed by the state of Texas and are inspected according to the Minimum Standards Rules set by the Department of Family and Protective Services. We strive to exceed their expectations.


    Maximum class size per room are as follows:

    Infants (6 - 15 months) - 1:4

    Toddler (16 - 23 months) - 1:4

    2 yrs - 1:8

    Pre K3 - 1:10

    Pre K4 - 1:12