Rooted Student Ministry

Students in 6-12 grade are beginning to take their stand in the world. 
Our student ministry exists to help them plant their roots deeply in God’s Word
and stand firmly grounded in the Christian faith.
  • Sundays

    9:15am     Connect Groups

    Youth connecting and looking at God’s Word in a fresh new way.

  • WEdnesdays

    6:30PM      Rooted Student Worship

    Youth Worship is a large group contemporary worship service held every Wednesday night in the Youth Center. The focus of this Service is to DISCOVER God and learn how to apply His word and its principles to our daily lives. We use games, drama, video, and a live worship band to help make worship more meaningful and fun. However, the main emphasis of this service is how we can live a life which is pleasing to God. Youth Worship meets Wednesday Nights in the Youth Center at 6:30pm.

  • Scheduled Events

    • Missions Trips
    • Six Flags
    • Highland Lakes Summer Camp
    • Hill Country Daily Bread
    • Cosmic Mayhem Mini Golf